Rent a real friend

If you feel lonely, and you want to talk to someone by message every day, you can rent me and I will accompany you with messages 🙂.

Messages to accompany you a little

I know that sometimes you can feel lonely, or maybe you just want to unburden yourself with someone, then I can help you and keep you company, even if not in person, I know that receiving a simple good morning message is the only thing you want 🙂.

Which application do I use?

I can only offer you 2 apps for messaging us

  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp

You choose which app suits you.

Payment methods I accept

  • Binance pay
  • USDT ERC20
  • Paypal

More than good morning

We can talk about your general culture, about the culture of your country.

Where am I from?

Mi name is Diego, I'm a man I'm 30 years old I'm from Chile yes!, Chile is located in South America. Because of that my TimeZone is GMT-3, that is important because I need sleep too hahahha! I speak native Spanish and conversational English

Payment packages

I have payment packages per one day, one week or month.

Payment packages

Package Price
1 day $20
1 week $120
1 month $450
  • Phone Contact for added me 😃 and start the payment